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Daycare services are 7days a week, 365 days a year.
We are open from 6:30 am to 6:00pm.

About Daycare

At our facility, customers have the choice between group play sessions and individual playtime within our expansive, secure field dedicated to day care or grand slam dogs. For those opting for group play, safety is paramount, and all participating dogs undergo thorough screening to ensure 100 percent dog-friendliness.

Puppy daycare is specially tailored for young pups aged 12 weeks to 6 months, providing them with abundant opportunities for socialization, both with their furry peers and humans. This program plays a pivotal role in fostering trust and a balanced approach to our human-centric world, offering invaluable experiences for your young canine companion’s development.

Our country property serves as the perfect backdrop for supervised canine playtime. We take pride in being a premier doggy daycare provider, equipped with a vast property and a competent team dedicated to ensuring a secure and enjoyable stay. Interactive play among dogs takes center stage in our doggy daycare program.

Our facility is purposefully designed to meet the exercise and socialization needs of your cherished canine family members. With wading pools, play tunnels, and 5 acres of securely fenced play yards, we ensure a day filled with fun and frolic during your dog’s stay with us. Whether you need a few hours for shopping or appointments, our daycare is at your service.

Our playgroups are diligently supervised, and we conduct thorough screenings to assess suitability for group play. Moreover, we warmly welcome dogs that may not be ideal for group interactions but would relish the freedom to run and explore in our expansive daycare field. Anyone seeking canine care for the day can trust that their furry friend will have a wonderful time with us.


Daycare ServicesCost
Single Day$35 (Field Time not included)
3 Days
(3 months expiration)
$99 (Field Time not included)


Bill Carpenter
Bill Carpenter
Great groomer, Noel is the best.
Linda Wiles
Linda Wiles
Nice people, great place and quality grooming.
Tee Wimberly
Tee Wimberly
If you want an amazing trainer go see Chris. Not only do the pups adore him you feel as if you are training with a friend. You may go in as a stranger with other strangers. But you become a family. And everyone supports each other. And yes you do become a true family.
vanessa cole
vanessa cole
My puppies love it there. Dave the trainer is awesome my pups love him!!
Romario Relosa
Romario Relosa
Good place to bring your pets for boarding
Bernie Voltz
Bernie Voltz
Been taking our dog to Trifecta for 2 years now our dog loves going
BK Man
BK Man
Great location with a ton of space for the dogs to run and play. My two dogs were treated well. One of my dogs are blind and was treated extra nicely. Both of my dogs were properly exhausted. I would highly recommend this place.

Our Gallery

“Explore Our Adorable Canine Gallery Below.” Please click link below it take you to our Facebook page. Enjoy!


We named the kennel after a Trifecta horse race that we won when three of us Penn Staters won on a Trifecta ticket at Pocono Downs.


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