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Where Dogs Are Our Exclusive Focus

At our establishment, dogs are our specialty, and our commitment to their well-being is unwavering. We understand that when it comes to your beloved canine companions, you want them to have not just a place to stay, but a home away from home.

To create an environment that truly caters to the needs of dogs, we have invested in spacious and comfortable kennels. We opted for kennels over crates because we believe that dogs deserve room to stretch, roam, and be at ease during their stay. Our kennels are designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, providing a cozy and secure space for them to relax. Whether your dog prefers to curl up and nap or has bursts of playful energy, they’ll find the ideal setting here.

Furthermore, our dedicated staff, with their extensive experience in canine care, ensures that your furry family member receives the attention, love, and care they deserve. We treat every dog as if they were our own, and their well-being is always our top priority. When you entrust your dog to our care, you can rest assured that they are in a loving and secure environment tailored to meet their unique needs. Discover the difference that a specialized dog boarding experience can make at our facility.

About Boarding

With a legacy of service dating back to 1980, our reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy establishment is firmly established within our community. It’s worth noting that many, if not all, of the local veterinarians entrust their own dogs to our care or recommend our services to their clients.

Recognizing the importance of providing dogs with interactive experiences during their stay or time away from home, our kennel is committed to creating an environment that engages them both physically and mentally. This approach helps alleviate the stress often associated with a change in surroundings, ensuring that your canine companions feel at ease.

Our ultimate goal is to make your dogs genuinely excited about their visits with us. We’ve spared no effort to make this a reality, and even after all these years, the enthusiasm we feel when dogs arrive for their stay remains undiminished. We look forward to welcoming your furry friends with open arms and ensuring their time with us is a joyful one.

“Dogs, being inherently social creatures, generally relish the company of their fellow canines. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise.

At Trifecta Kennels, we offer a comprehensive range of animal boarding solutions along with on-site activities, grooming, training, and exercise services for your beloved dogs. Our dedicated and skilled team manages all services in-house, ensuring top-quality care. If you have specific requirements that aren’t currently offered, please don’t hesitate to share them with us. We are more than willing to explore tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.”

Boarding (same Kennel)

Boarding dogs do not mix with daycare dogs unless they are in the “Packages” .
Boarding ServicesCost
1 Dog$40
2 Dogs$75
3 Dogs$95
Field Time$15 (for an airing in big field-6 acres fenced)
Field Time$40 (for all airing in the yards)
+ DayCare$25 (We try to acclimate your dog with others during their stay,
Depends on your dogs social stamina)
Extra Food$2
Food per Day$2
For Nails$15
For Meds $2
Photos$5 (FB or Cell Phone)
Videos$10 (FB or Cell Phone)


Bill Carpenter
Bill Carpenter
Great groomer, Noel is the best.
Linda Wiles
Linda Wiles
Nice people, great place and quality grooming.
Tee Wimberly
Tee Wimberly
If you want an amazing trainer go see Chris. Not only do the pups adore him you feel as if you are training with a friend. You may go in as a stranger with other strangers. But you become a family. And everyone supports each other. And yes you do become a true family.
vanessa cole
vanessa cole
My puppies love it there. Dave the trainer is awesome my pups love him!!
Romario Relosa
Romario Relosa
Good place to bring your pets for boarding
Bernie Voltz
Bernie Voltz
Been taking our dog to Trifecta for 2 years now our dog loves going
BK Man
BK Man
Great location with a ton of space for the dogs to run and play. My two dogs were treated well. One of my dogs are blind and was treated extra nicely. Both of my dogs were properly exhausted. I would highly recommend this place.

Our Gallery

“Explore Our Adorable Canine Gallery Below.” Please click link below it take you to our Facebook page. Enjoy!


We named the kennel after a Trifecta horse race that we won when three of us Penn Staters won on a Trifecta ticket at Pocono Downs.


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