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Trifecta Kennels has been in business since 1979

We offer a full array of Supplies and Equipment for your Pooch. Our facility is the best in the region, and most if not all area veterinarians use our services.

Best Quality Pet Foods

As a kennel , we rely on Fromm’s Gold limited distribution formulas to provide our dogs with top-notch nutrition. These specialized blends are carefully designed to meet the unique dietary needs of our canine guests, be it addressing sensitivities or ensuring higher protein content. Fromm’s consistent quality in their limited distribution kibble is our go-to choice, ensuring the well-being and health of the dogs under our care.

Spacious Play

As kennel owners, we’re proud to offer a spacious 6-acre play yard where dogs can enjoy ample room to frolic and play to their heart’s content. This expansive outdoor area provides our canine guests with the perfect environment for exercise and socialization, ensuring they have a delightful and fulfilling stay with us.

Full Service Grooming

With 20 years of dedicated experience in dog grooming, we bring a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of canine care to every furry client. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to provide top-notch grooming services, ensuring that dogs not only look their best but also feel comfortable and cared for during their grooming sessions. Trust our two decades of expertise to pamper and beautify your beloved pets.

About Trifecta Kennels

Trifecta Kennels, a beloved institution in the world of canine care, was founded four decades ago by the dynamic team of Lisa and Grace. Their unwavering passion and commitment to dogs set the gold standard for our ily industry. Today, under new ownership, Trifecta Kennels stands poised to carry forward their remarkable legacy.

With a deep respect for the traditions established by Lisa and Grace, our goal is to not only maintain but to exceed the high standards they set for dog care. We understand the profound responsibility that comes with upholding their vision.

At Trifecta Kennels, we are dedicated to providing dogs with an exceptional level of care, ensuring they thrive in a safe and loving environment. Our commitment to preserving the legacy of Lisa and Grace is unwavering, and we are excited to continue serving the canine community with the same devotion and expertise that have defined us for the past four decades. Your dogs’ well-being and happiness remain at the heart of everything we do.

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Our Services

Discover Our Dog Services: Offering expert dog grooming, boarding, training, and more. Your furry friend’s well-being is our passion.

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Monthly goodies for our beloved furry friends.

Find out about our monthly subscruitions packages that include high quility food , our subscrituons surprize box and our vitimans and supplements. Learn how it Works!

Craft the Ideal Box

Every dog is unique. Tailor your box to cater to their specific requirements, whether it's allergen-friendly treats or their favorite toys.

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Select the plan that suits you best. We provide 6- or 12-month subscription options, delivered according to your preferences.

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Boxes typically reach you in under 5 days. Each following month, anticipate themed toys, treats, and an abundance of canine excitement.

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Bill Carpenter
Bill Carpenter
Great groomer, Noel is the best.
Linda Wiles
Linda Wiles
Nice people, great place and quality grooming.
Tee Wimberly
Tee Wimberly
If you want an amazing trainer go see Chris. Not only do the pups adore him you feel as if you are training with a friend. You may go in as a stranger with other strangers. But you become a family. And everyone supports each other. And yes you do become a true family.
vanessa cole
vanessa cole
My puppies love it there. Dave the trainer is awesome my pups love him!!
Romario Relosa
Romario Relosa
Good place to bring your pets for boarding
Bernie Voltz
Bernie Voltz
Been taking our dog to Trifecta for 2 years now our dog loves going
BK Man
BK Man
Great location with a ton of space for the dogs to run and play. My two dogs were treated well. One of my dogs are blind and was treated extra nicely. Both of my dogs were properly exhausted. I would highly recommend this place.

Our Gallery

“Explore Our Adorable Canine Gallery Below.” Please click link below it take you to our Facebook page. Enjoy!


We named the kennel after a Trifecta horse race that we won when three of us Penn Staters won on a Trifecta ticket at Pocono Downs.


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